Guardian review, to save following the link….

Finding the review through the link is quite complicated so here it is!   Kate Walters, Penzance at by Skye Sherwin, The Guardian, 1.12.2012. It’s not every day you find an artist who claims their home is in the body of a deer. Kate Walters’s delightful paintings of floating animal and human hybrids work an […]


Just heard that Visual Arts South West are going to give me some funding towards my planned trip to Padua for the ‘engage’ Summer School. Really excited! Great news. I’ll be able to re-visit the Biennale too, and go to the Scrovegni chapel which I’ve wanted to visit for years.

Studio, working again

I think I might be making a series of works on a kind of baptism or initiation. Figures are standing in water. Or could it be about a new fuller immersion in etheric amniotic fluids, or maybe because I swam so much (and how I loved it!) in the warm salty Adriatic sea, and felt […]