Drawing down the Feminine – Crowdfunder bid…Twitter

I have brought together a group of 11 women and 3 men to work  to make work about the feminine principle. The artists are: Karen Lorenz, Professor Penny Florence, Jim Carter, Faye Dobinson, Maggie O’Brien, Max Burrows, Scarlette Von B,  Jo Jewers, Otter Rose-Johns, Mat Osmond, Professor Tanya Kryzwinska, Karina Hosking, Valerie Dalton and myself. […]

Iona return…

In January I’ll be returning to Iona, to Lagandorain and the Hostel, for another three weeks: time to tune in and focus on the beauty and clarity of the place. I’m aiming to make drawings, writing, monotypes, small paintings and a stop-frame animation of the monotypes as they develop. I’ll be working listening to Bach […]