The Other Art Fair, Bristol, July 22 -24th, link to events

Here is the link to the events page of the Other Art Fair

I’ll be doing two sessions of my ‘hollow bone’ performance drawing at noon on the 23rd and 24th July.

I’ll also be showing a range of unframed work in a small installation and a series of related framed works, many of which had their genesis on the Isle of Iona, where I was recently artist in residence.

I’m hoping to meet people who will be interested in my work; I’ll be happy to speak about the themes which flourish in it.

Bird making womb for my consciousness Drawing Kate Walters book page 2016 oil on gesso-prepared paper small file   Meeting you O my fluttering heart  oil and ink on paper 2016 Kate Walters book page with gesso



Other news:

I’ve been invited to Barcelona to be part of Femtourtruck to do my performance drawing… thinking about it…

Research trip to Dolomites, Bolzano and Bressanone

Just back from a wonderful trip to the Dolomites; and exploring early XIV century frescoes.

WP_20160615_003  The cloisters at Bressanone Duomo.

Walking into the mountains on a fine afternoon after a great visit to Johannes Church in Bolzano – the pearl of Bolzano.



WP_20160609_006 WP_20160611_013 InstagramCapture_eca07156-d967-4ebd-8673-60aad44f4a1b


I met the  caretaker, a very passionate teacher, who told me all about the frescoes, all the stories and legends. There was St. Oswald from Lindesfarne, the healer, and the spring beneath the spot where the preacher would speak. Apparently in days of old the clever builders knew where springs were, and they positioned the altars so that a Spring would inspire and vivify the words of those who spoke. (It does also mean that many old chapels are damp).

According to the town booklet Santa Maddelena Church would be open on Friday afternoons… so a long walk on a beautiful hot afternoon led us there (after a visit to Sarentino and San Cipriano Church). Santa Maddelena was locked. I went to the house of the caretaker, and spoke to a frail old lady at length in my broken Italian but she was  a German speaker. She refused to give me the key. I waited and hoped she would relent. I peered through the large windows, and then another person arrived- a German speaker – who went and found the woman’s daughter, who was the caretaker, and after some discussion got us the key. It was such a wonderful moment to enter that beautiful little church. The frescoes were so tender and beautiful and in good repair. I spent around an hour there making drawings and taking photos.

WP_20160610_012 WP_20160610_013

The following afternoon we set off for the mountains. The weather promised to be interesting, with mists, rain showers  and possibly storms. The tops of the mountains swirled with water vapour. The first part of the walk up was good, sunny, bright, beside a rushing mountain river. Wild flowers decorated the pathways; clematis climbed the spindly trees. As we walked higher the weather closed in. We passed enormous wood ants nests, over two feet high and several feet in breadth; the ants had closed their doors and gone indoors. The path became more rocky, precipitous, and the views became obscured by light rain. Blue sky had gone. We were climbing all the time, legs grew tired, felt like jelly. Brief respites came when we encountered two meadows and their lovely occupants, the native blonde Haflinger ponies.

WP_20160611_018    WP_20160613_051  WP_20160611_068 WP_20160611_032      WP_20160612_023     WP_20160611_040 WP_20160612_004     WP_20160612_001    WP_20160612_029


Eventually, after hearing thunder and worrying about the failing light, we saw a solitary building perched amongst the peaks. No road there; only narrow tracks. At first no sign of life, then through the dusk we saw a faint light and smelt faint whiffs of smoke – reassuring in this context. We arrived completely soaked to the skin, and were shown our little room, all clothed in wood. The stove in the dining room was huge and hot. We hung all our wet clothes around it and settled in for a meal of goulash and apple cake – most welcome! Our clothes dried overnight. I was disturbed in the night by severe cramp – my legs were very sore indeed. The next morning we walked up through snow and along via ferrata to the corrie – where several valleys met. It was all rock- whites, skins watery, hard, silent, no sign of life; as if there had been  some kind of planetary destruction – or as if the world was just beginning. These are young mountains, and subject to change; the river beds move, the mountains shed their skin.

WP_20160612_012     WP_20160612_016




The Other Art Fair, July 22-24, Bristol

My work has been selected for The Other Art Fair, which is curated. It will be held at the Arnolfini, Bristol, July 22-24. I’m looking forward to showing my work to a new audience.

Here are some examples of recent works, in oil, monotype, ink and watercolour: These will probably be at the show.

Meeting you O my fluttering heart  oil and ink on paper 2016 Kate Walters book page with gesso     singing the babies over the stream Kate Walters 2016 monotype with drawing Smiles with Pelican monotype with oil 2016 Kate Walters book page    Violet Gathering watercolour 2016 Kate Walters Bird making womb for my consciousness Drawing Kate Walters book page 2016 oil on gesso-prepared paper small file      with ears that pray, my horse of the four winds small file



Open Studios

My studio will be open on May 28 – 30th and June 3- 5, daily from 11-4….or by appointment (; 07816 098807).

(June 4 after 2pm  I won’t be in my studio, someone else will be there; if you really want to see me and talk about my work, please don’t come then!).

Address is Studio 6, Trewarveneth Studios, Trewarveneth St, Newlyn, TR18 5JQ

I have selected drawings, monotypes and some watercolours and paintings to show you. Relaxed friendly atmosphere; and many lovely books, workbooks, music to share too.

A few vegetable seedlings will be available, and tea and possibly cake.

I’ll be happy to speak about what energises my work; my inspirations and my joy.

My dog Keeps watch as I Pray watercolour 2016 30 x 37 cm

Poem about me and my work, by Rupert Loydell, May 2016


for Kate

You still have that energy I have lost,

do not possess now any more.

You'll commandeer an exhibition space

and spend the weekend talking

to strangers and an audience

you've summoned through the internet,

by word-of mouth, friends of friends

or those who might be interested.

You follow your own inner path,

the line of your eye, the map

I have lost. It gets you nowhere,

gets you noticed, gets me every time.

Your life is pinned to the wall,

a work in progress. Birds peck into

your head and heart, then take flight

above this dirty Cornish town.

© Rupert M Loydell






Trans-States & Books of Blood…proposal success!

Yesterday I heard from the University of Northampton who will be hosting a conference called Trans-States in September. The conference is about exploring ways the Arts can help us to explore different areas of consciousness. My proposal to give a talk/performance about my work has been accepted…I am delighted! I will be talking about my ‘hollow bone process’.

Further good news: I recently heard from The University of Hertfordshire which will be curating and organising a project called BOOKS OF BLOOD: A CROSS-DISCIPLINARY INVESTIGATION INTO BLOOD AS REPRESENTATION, SYMBOL, AND TEXT IN MODERN CULTURE
All humans ‘are books of blood—wherever you open us, we’re red’ (Clive Barker). If our bodies are books of blood, then they can be read…

….. My proposal has been accepted for this project too, and I will be showing work and contributing to events and a publication. I am so thrilled! It is hoped that the project will travel from Ireland to London.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Water colour works about blood as life, about being in touch with the instinctual voices of our cells, about bodily knowing.

a-n Travel Bursary

I have been awarded a generous Travel Bursary from a-n to enable me to explore the Outer Hebrides to enable me to broaden and strengthen the connections I made on Iona during the Winter of 2015/16. I feel very grateful and excited about this opportunity.

I will be travelling to Sutherland, Orkney (including Papa Stronsay), Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis, Harris, North Uist, Benbecula, South Uist, Eriskay and Barra. I’m also hoping to get to Tiree. I’ll be visiting Arts Centres and hoping to meet their staff. I’ll  be making drawings and notes and paintings in my mobile studio with Pip Seymour paints, monotype equipment and several sketch and note books. These notes and drawings will be shown for the first time in a show I’ll be having in the Little Picture room at Newlyn Art Gallery opening November 11th 2016.

A bit later in the year I will also visit Tobermory on Mull to visit Comar, and I’ll return to Iona to teach a workshop and spend some time working on the Croft at Lagandorain.

.Kate on north beach

New work, and Open Studios details…

I’ll be open on Saturday May 28th,Sunday May 29th, Friday June 3rd – Sunday June 5th.   Or by appointment!

I’ll be showing a wall covered in recent drawings, examples below, and new work made very recently, exploring spaces for consciousness. There will be many pieces for sale, framed and unframed, and archival work too. My extensive library will be available to see, and sketchbook notes too. I’ll also be happy to talk about my forthcoming research trip to the Outer Hebrides and Orkney, generously supported by a-n Artists Information Co.

Breasted creature with Umbilicus Kate Walters 2016    horse drawing ink KW - Copy Creature carrying humans KW 2016    embrace drawing caressing with a gaze Kate Walters 2016    Hare drawing Drawing with colourful Creature KW    Heart mouth Seeds KW drawing


Sacred Hoop Kate Walters 55 x 38 cm  2015 300dpi (2015_10_05 11_15_55 UTC)  This picture, Sacred Hoop, will be on show at Moncrieff Bray Gallery in Sussex from next month…along with work by many other tutors from Newlyn School of Art…

Iona Workshop further details…

Iona Workshop October 2016

Kate on north beach   North Beach Iona you a tower I fly about monotype with gouache and ink 38 x 50 cm Kate Walters 2016   to flicker to release mother Oak gall ink and watercolour 24 x 31 cm Kate Walters 2016


Dates : Arrive afternoon October 21st ; course begins around 5pm, before an early dinner time.

Course closes Tuesday 25th after lunch; in time to catch afternoon ferry if required (you would be able to stay on at the hostel – or arrive early-  if you make arrangements with the owner John Maclean telephone 0168 1700 781 . It would be fairly quiet there then – approx. £21 per night accommodation ).

Transport: Flight to Glasgow then train to Oban, ferry to Craignure (Mull), coach to Fionnphort, ferry to Iona;  Drive to Fionnphort via ferry, park free at Fionnphort, ferry to Iona: If several friends came together sharing the drive might be the easiest. Train to Glasgow then as first option;  Coach to Glasgow then as first option (cheapest). I will be going up early in my car via Halifax where I have an exhibition to install so cannot offer lifts, I apologise. If you need to stay the night in Oban The Caledonian Hotel is opposite the station and they do a very good breakfast.

Lagandorain Dawn halo    Still afternoon Iona WP_20160119_021

Course details:

We will work in a ceremonial way, but without undue strictness. The work we do there will have power and be gentle; the emphasis will be on the feminine.    We will walk around the island, ‘tuning in’ to how it feels to us individually. We will spend time on the North Beach pictured above, working with the natural holiness of the place. In the hostel there is a large work room which we will use for practical activities such as guided drawing, monotype, writing, and painting. You will be encouraged to keep a sketch/notebook to record all your insights, dreams, and processes. The beach is clean and we might work with things we find and gather to make little totemic objects or sculptures.  Iona marble and serpentine is quite easy to find and is very beautiful. You will have time alone to walk and work, and there will be work in a circle and with my shamanic drum.

Teachings from the local Saints, nuns and monks will be shared, as will teachings from indigenous peoples where relevant. We will look at a facsimile copy of The Book of Kells, and learn about local stories and mythology. We will visit the Abbey and other holy sites on the Island.

Iona is a most impeccable place, seemingly untouched by modern human ways. As such it invites an opening of the body in a wonderful way, which led to great illumination for me when I worked there last October. It is also known as a ‘thin’ place where the veils between worlds are diaphanous. Your dreams may well increase in their clarity and colour; mine always do.

There is also the likelihood of seeing golden eagles, white tailed eagles, and otters – which live on the North Beach.

Food will be mostly vegetarian and simple. We won’t be able to cater for very special diets; in such cases you would need to bring your own items. Contact me with any requests please!

A reasonable degree of physical fitness will be required if you wish to take part in any optional  (longer) walks; there isn’t a doctor on the Island, so please bear this in mind.  For this reason this workshop isn’t suitable if you are recovering from recent surgery or illness.

You would need to bring warm, waterproof and comfortable clothes and boots; and a sketchbook.

The group size will be small – a maximum of eight participants (not including Hostel/workshop staff).

The price for all tuition, materials, accommodation and food (but not travel) is £500.

“Kate is a listener. She listens to her psyche and dreams and an to altogether more ancient response to the land than that which we currently know; what Thomas Carlyle described as ‘ the ancient dialect’. Her work is in part an exploration of this dialect. It explores place through archetype, symbol, the animal world and the older religions. This is home territory for Kate -she is quite comfortable in the company of the ‘Sheela’s (the Sheela na gigs).

Kate’s work isn’t easy in the sense that it neither makes assertions nor statements. It seems to be deliberately un-emphatic. The effect is to unsettle, to make us alert and create a pause. We find ourselves listening. The image that comes to me of her work is of that moment, in the stillness, when you hear a faint and tremulous bird call. You ask yourself if you even heard it (was it your imaginings?) and are silent and poised, listening for it again. You are completely present. In a review of her work art critic Laura Gascoigne gets it dead on when she says ‘It is this sense of trembling on the brink of transformation that lends Kate’s shadowy forms psychological substance’. ” John Maclean, Lagandorain, Isle of Iona.