Thank you to Shiquine for his very perceptive commentary on our show at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, in South London Art Map

I post below an edited cutting from the South London Art Map (permission given). I thought the sensitive and perceptive response by Shiquine worth sharing, and celebrating. Stephen Lawrence Gallery BLOG 27/03/2013 Working at The Gallery I’m Shiquine; I’m a student at the Woolwich Poly School, doing a GCSE in Art. I’m doing work experience […]

Flight with a single wing

I had a dream of a mother bird, possibly an eagle owl, flying with one wing. The other wing was just resting, nestled against her side. She was flying around, trying to gather her young, guiding them back to her nest. I have been working on what the ancestors tell us, of the birthing power […]

Teaching and other new shoots

For five weeks I have been teaching evening classes alongside my show at Newlyn Art Gallery. Many people have come and trusted me, working with inner impulses to create personal, strong and beautiful responses. Visit Caro’s blog to see more  ! Local primary schoolchildren have also been working from certain pieces in my show, […]