Teaching in St. Ives, reading Eckhart Tolle, working on forms emerging from trees, from each other… dreaming of eagle and lamb each of the other…

Last week I taught a one-day workshop in St. Ives in the small studio at St Ives School of Painting, over-looking the sea… We made drawings and monotypes from a bodily place, arrived at through working with the breath, the non-dominant hand, and responding to music. Here are some of the images produced….           […]

New works in progress, oils….

Excited about moving to Studio 6 at Trewarveneth in April.. I’ve been working in oils on paper, loving working with glorious colours again! I’m reading a book by Alan Bleakley, Fruits of the Moon Tree: Medicine Wheel and Transpersonal Psychology, and found this great quote: “Blake knew that it is what we have made invisible […]

The Tyrolean Folk Museum… some reflections (this article will also appear in Aesthetip magazine… but possibly with different pictures)

The Tyrolean Folk Museum is situated in the centre of Innsbruck, in the old town, very near the Dom, or Cathedral. Created in 1888 and recently re-furbished, it is a fantastic and fascinating place to spend a few hours.  I visited in February on my free day in Innsbruck whilst presenting at the university. Spread […]