Marrying shamanism and creativity

Dawn on Iona. ………………… Carrying horse After Horse Island Woman by Kate Walters When the grey light of sun’s going settles, I raise you up, gather your hooves in my hands. Under the bulk of your belly, my skull is pressed, when the grey light of sun’s going settles. Starlight falls on red fur, pink […]

Men are Afraid

Recently I asked a psychoanalytic colleague why men might be afraid of my new work. What he wrote is below, followed by some of my thoughts and reflections. By a happy coincidence, I was already working with the image of Medusa and her Tongue, thinking about language, mother animals and the way they wash their […]


I often make drawings of paintings when I know they’re incomplete, but are at an interesting or important stage; it’s a little like taking a snapshot of the stages in a relationship. In my paintings I often obliterate interesting passages too, and it’s a way of keeping a record of their evolution. Sometimes the signposts […]

Bathing nervous limbs

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Arusha Gallery (@arushagallery) Bathing nervous limbs open daily until 29th of August, co-curated by Ella Walker for Edinburgh Art Festival 2021 Bathing nervous limbs BY SUSAN MANSFIELD, 11.08.2021 blog detail Balneum, 15th C., f.3v, detail. © The University of Edinburgh. The starting point for this group […]

I take back what’s mine

I’m so thrilled to be part of this show – details above! at Arusha Gallery, now open. Here is a review, where my work receives a special mention, to my great joy… Last night these words came, woke me up: Spirit coming through is the fruit of an energetic liaison and a promise too […]