I often make drawings of paintings when I know they’re incomplete, but are at an interesting or important stage; it’s a little like taking a snapshot of the stages in a relationship. In my paintings I often obliterate interesting passages too, and it’s a way of keeping a record of their evolution. Sometimes the signposts […]

Bathing nervous limbs

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Arusha Gallery (@arushagallery) Bathing nervous limbs open daily until 29th of August, co-curated by Ella Walker for Edinburgh Art Festival 2021 Bathing nervous limbs BY SUSAN MANSFIELD, 11.08.2021 blog detail Balneum, 15th C., f.3v, detail. © The University of Edinburgh. The starting point for this group […]

I take back what’s mine

I’m so thrilled to be part of this show – details above! at Arusha Gallery, now open. Here is a review, where my work receives a special mention, to my great joy… https://www.flemingcollection.com/scottish_art_news/news-press/bathing-nervous-limbs Last night these words came, woke me up: Spirit coming through is the fruit of an energetic liaison and a promise too […]

Courses I’ll be teaching in 2021…

The School of Art and Wellbeing, near Honiton, Devon. Courses The School of Art and Wellbeing is found on a hill overlooking Honiton and Dartmoor to the west. It is a profoundly beautiful place, with polytunnels for painting, a Mongolian yurt for shamanic journeying, shepherd’s huts for sleeping in, and extensive beautiful and productive gardens. […]