Dreams, and more

That dream of the bright windows in my body, I opened them and light was streaming from within them. Another, of looking at myself naked in a mirror; I peeled the skin away, my flesh was studded with jewels, ruby red and clear as pomegranate seeds.

A recent dream (Christmas night) of being in a large crowd of people at a show of my work and going around listening to what people were saying. One woman said she thought the figures reminded her of ants and I thought to myself in the dream, she is on a different wavelength, how can I get through to her? So I went up to the woman and I said ‘they are not ants, they are like little beings we don’t often see, which flicker at the edge of our awareness, which hover, dip and fly, such as we might see in a dream, such as exist between worlds.’ Then as I was speaking people crowded around me and it became dark with bodies and the human mass, and I asked them to move away from me. The gallery seemed like a very open space; there was no ceiling or roof; above was the sky (the world). I had the feeling of courage in the dream to speak up about my work.


The butterfly in my book, butterfly in face, butterfly in the sky of my veins, in my arm as I move it to sweep away that picture of you, right before my eyes.