Editing photos for Newlyn

I spent much of the weekend going through over 2000 digital photos for my show at Newlyn Art gallery. They are now ready to be installed at the space in a month’s time. It has been interesting seeing how the garden, the plants, and the light has changed; also, how my photography has changed. I have become more comfortable taking photos from different angles,i.e. using my body more when taking pictures.I have also decided on the final shots for the short film about the sparrows in the garden – two taken at dusk, and two at dawn. In the dusk shots a beautful cloud slowly emerges into the brilliance of the last sunlight, and in the dawn sequences the birdsong is glorious, the light very slight but almost imperceptibly growing. Looking at the photos and the films I became more aware of the endless cycles always going on in Nature, overlapping and interconnecting with each other.

The deer came first; I could see she was important, but was not sure how to proceed. When I turned the canvas upside down the sleeping figure slowly emerged, and the cell-like face/foetus seemed to appear out of the linen.

I have just returned from taking the dogs for a run on the beach – lively sunny morning after terrific stormy night.