New work at the Exchange/dark man/dreams

I have really enjoyed working at the Exchange. I am surrounded by artists, all are working on their own things. But we have so many overlapping threads, when we talk or share or collaborate if feels so natural. Mark and I found the time yesterday to record the dreams I had retrieved from my notebooks. We sat for over an hour in a quiet room, as the sun went down. It felt intense and quite emotionally charged, as I spoke about my dreams, and to a certain extent, re-lived some of them. I felt that they are alive, like little animals, with their own magical little domains.

Here is an example:

I dream of a different world. There is a class, or a meeting of people; we are by a pool in the navel of the Earth. There is deep water, the rocks are soft, there is a strong smell of roses, and many people who  are small in stature, like Siberian Steppe people. I had gone asking for a song, but instead a perfume was taught to me.




A dark man dream: (1996) colourful, of travel, new places, a dark man coming back for me, twice. The first time he gave me a beautiful set of golden tools decorated with flowers. the second time, in a city, he came riding a large young horse – white or black or both at the same time – with just a strap around his neck. I was with unknown female friends. He rode around us in an anti-clockwise direction. He came from a large white-ish geometric sphere I could just see in the distance. There was a vaguely sexual feeling in the dream, of doorways, new beginnings.

An eye dream(2002): A soft pink revolving eye, in a floor below. Was there for healing and penetration of this world, this reality. Good presence.

A bed dream(2002): Of being on a high bed. My mattress was on a join/seam line of one room – Earth- and on the other side of the seam was a different realm.

Boat/heart of the world dream(2003): A boat was coming, a black boat, 2 women in it, twins, old with long hair wavy and grey. They went round and round. I was in the water, the sea, someone was with me. We went underwater, we could breathe, saw light under there, the sun, could feel the earth/sea/world breathing, the heart beating. I leaned against the body of the world, I felt safe, I saw another  boat Рpale, luminous Рunder water and an old man somewhere who took charge of the mooring of the boat above. I woke myself up when I saw the light under the water.