New works in progress, oils….

Excited about moving to Studio 6 at Trewarveneth in April..

I’ve been working in oils on paper, loving working with glorious colours again!

new work in progress, oils on paper March 2014
new work in progress, oils on paper March 2014

I’m reading a book by Alan Bleakley,

Fruits of the Moon Tree: Medicine Wheel and Transpersonal Psychology, and found this great quote: “Blake knew that it is what we have made invisible to ourselves that is important, that the unexplored side of our human natures was in the close ‘primitive’ senses, touch, smell, taste, .. These were the ways to true naked thin-skinned feeling…” (


And I am continuing to make works in oil – on paper, panel, and canvas. I’ve been making works in which I think I as a figure am more central, less equivocal, less shadowy, less in the background; and I am incorporating some of my subtle or visionary experiences into the work – or, rather, they are emerging as I work. A woman with green hair in a pink field of colour became a woman with breasts issuing forth the sea, upon which floated two boats, on water travelling uphill towards a spirit tree. There are now two spirit trees, one figure with her hair coming alive and somehow containing the physical or lower world. The sea and the boats have gone, but they may return elsewhere, in another work.