Poem by Rilke/Horses/Laura/

I was in London on Friday, after a very early start and long journey.On the train I read some of the Little Flowers of St. Francis. I met with Laura Gascoigne at the British Museum, we had an illuminating visit to the ‘Horse’ exhibition which finished today. In the show I loved the very early works about horses, drawings/scatchings and stone carvings, but I was most moved by the film clips showing horses doing their utmost for their riders, and the riders showing their appreciation to their beautiful and generous- spirited partners.

Laura is one of the panellists at the discussion around my show, which will be held on January 26th, 10.30 – 1pm. We took tea at a quirky and very friendly internet cafe/camera shop near the BM, talking until they closed. Afterwards I drifted towards High Holborn, where my brother had very kindly booked a sumptuous hotel room for me – what an oasis that was! I found a great book in the suite, on archetypal symbolism, where I found this poem by Rilke…

You run like a herd of luminous deer

and I am dark, I am forest.

You are a wheel at which I stand,

Whose dark spokes sometimes catch me up,

revolve me nearer to the centre.