Returning to Shetland; CIG Grant.


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I’m very happy to announce that I’m going to be the recipient of a Creative Investment Grant from Cultivator. This will enable me to return to Shetland for my research, for some weeks over the next 6 months. I’m enormously grateful for this opportunity to return to the place which has captured my heart, and enabled me to take big steps forward with the focus of my work. All the recent work I owe to Shetland and the dreams afforded to me when I was there.

sitting near birds   Across from Sumburgh Head

Arctic Skua in sky   Fulmar


bonxie small file   puffin flight 1 smaller file

puffin close up smaller file   Puffin

Puffins in grass   Walking from the tombolo

Seal on slipway to Mousa Broch   Kate drawing

Absent Motherhead. Kate Walters 2017 Watercolour   small file    Infant with heart wand