The Juliet Gomperts Trust; studio work on linen

The Juliet Gomperts Trust are generously funding the materials and frames for the watercolours which I’ll be showing at Newlyn. This is making an enormous difference to my working life as it means I don’t have that financial worry hanging over me. I am so grateful.

The studio work has been going well; I have been working with watercolour and gum arabic on gesso-primed linen. Discovering new things about support through animal protection. Three nights ago I dreamed that my beloved dog gave me her beautiful skin to help me. In the dream I knew she was dead and in the Earth, yet she was also with me in the dream, and not dead. The skin she offered me was not bodily, but energetic, subtle. I have been working intensely on the quality of the gazes between species. Turning blood to milk takes a long time, as Rumi said.