New work, aiming for far shores….and London, and Edinburgh…and pictures of my exhibition at Herrick Gallery, from last Autumn…

I’ve had a productive Summer, with many lovely long days in my studio. I’ve been listening to music each day, especially by  young counter-tenors Filippo Mineccia and Jakob Jozef Orlinski. The timbre of the music helps me to find the clarity I need to work well. Shetland continues to inspire me and I hope to return there before long.

I also realised I haven’t posted pictures of the show at Herrick Gallery last October. So here they are!

Framed works sequence Herrick Gallery 2017 Spirit Sequence Herrick Gallery Oct 17

Kate at Herrick Gallery show October 2017  Horse Sequence Herrick Gallery Oct 17  Lone babe sequence Herrick Gallery Oct 17

My work will soon be represented in New York which is very exciting news….

and I’ve an exhibition opening at Arusha Gallery in Edinburgh on February 28th, 2019. The exhibition will host the launch of my new book, Shetland Notebooks.

Here are a few examples of new work…which is mostly on a larger scale…

Ascending Figure with ghost bones KW 30 x 42 cm 2018 small file Child with Earth Fragment 50 x 70cm 2018 KW Deep Space, Infant KW 2018 50 x 70 cm small file

All the cords KW 2018 50 x 70 cm small file Bird with boy Ghost in Lapis KW 50 x 70cm 2018 small file Foetus with throat and crown cords KW 2018 50 x 70cm small file Ghost with cocoon KW 2018 30 x 42 cm small file Horse with Breast Mountain on Lapis Lake  Matrix Cave Dream 50 x 70 cm KW 2018 small file Memory KW 50 x 70cm 2018 small file Sequence 1 KW 70 x 100cm 2018 Watercolour small file