Puglia, January 2017


Inside Galatina Church



after rain Puglia    curled skeleton

Carrying fire.

Vessel of fire.

Protection against fire and sickness.

Doorway Puglia    Galatina Church Nave

Horse with talismanic gifts.

Head Tree, leafiness, crown seeding.

Heart Tree smaller file     drawings Puglia   Madonna


baby skeleton


Baby Skeleton

Cave Shadow


Shadows make breasts or a crown for me

I am Boat, I am torrent streaming, pooling, shadows, red ground, sinking, gathering.

Burnt olive, ash and smoke, morning scent, orange fruit and lemon.

The poems of Rilke, writing to God, sitting in the cave, feeling the memories of horses walking in circles.

Bird with marigold     In the cave In the cave at Impisi with work by David Westby.


Forms filled with prayer, I clothe myself in prayer.

Thinking about The Ode of the Mantle…. words written by a sick poet: he dreamed of The Prophet laying a mantle over him; when he awoke he was cured. Water washed over the words of the Ode are thought to contain healing powers- they were given to the unwell to drink.

Sewing the scented Wound

Stitching the scented Wound

‘Living with the Sky upon me.’ Rilke

“By paths unknown to us, they all go upwards” Cioran

Wetting the souls of one’s feet in their tears” (writing about the Saints) Cioran.

Being tied to the invisible – how does that look?


Figure with tree spirit in soul place

Figure with Tree spirit in soul place; tree with cut throat;

The melting crown of the seal-hare;

Arms as places for spirit to land, and rest, be restored;

The umbilicus of the Bird – an energetic navel?

Heart's Tongue

Horse with Soul Smoke  Horse with soul smoke

Horse sees a sickness   Horse calls out the sickness


Horse calls out the sickness; Horse sees the sickness; Horse blows sickness away.