Rupert’s poem made in response to my show – thank you!

Rupert Loydell is a poet, writer, artist and teacher (contact details below) who I have known for many years. Yesterday he sent me his response to my show ‘The Secret Worth A Thousand’. Here it is:



Kate Walters, Newlyn Art Gallery, January 2013.



parked in

the usual road


early for

your exhibition


fantastic curve

of the bay


cold water

dogs and gulls


hiss of the sea

white noise


dirty orange

pale snow light


too cold to write

or draw outside





surrounded by garden

amplified sounds

of the garden


as if the act

of reproducing the garden

is the garden


in the garden

nature is magic

by itself





a confusion of

dogs and deer


of animal

and spiritual


a confusion

of beasts


a bestowal

of divinity





theology of goddess,

animal and earth


reliant on

intuitive feeling


what an artist knows

a personal symbolism


excluding non-believers

alarming the uninitiated


the only life

she knows





The horse with a womb

the horse with a woman

who looked like a leaf

who has become a leaf

and lives inside the horse


the horse that ascended

and became light

the horse that remained

in the imagination

and in the earth


the fantastical breath

of life in the paint

the words on the page

in the books on the table

asking to be read


the heating’s strange roar

sucking air out of the room

an echo of echoes

a pouring out of self

shamanic voice stilled


a quiet voice

in the dark

of animal skin

one shaft of light

on the dark waves





the deer

licks the doe

like a lover





bird as angel

in sacred tree


working itself

into a state of mind


world shaken off

earth left behind





owl bird

feather face

dancing in a nest

of misplaced beasts






what is due


to the beasts

and all that grows


simple movement

translated as dance


the buzz of a bee

considered as music



as a way of life



© Rupert M Loydell

Rupert Loydell is a poet and painter. His Tower of Babel artist’s book-in-a-box was recently published by Like This Press. Details at